About me...​​

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My interest into Graphic design occurred when I first attended college back in the 90’s, one of the units on the course covered graphic design (briefly) and it was then that I knew it was something I wanted to do but never knew where to take that first step.  My interest in graphic design always stayed with me throughout my life and career as an administrator.  

It was changes in my circumstance, which give me the opportunity to realise my dream/ambition by taking the first step and a.  It has been a challenge, juggling being a single parent and a full-time student, but it is a challenge I have relished and one that has pushed me out of my comfort zone.

During my first year of HE I have immersed myself into the exploration of artists that I admire and ideas that are new and exciting to me.  Integrating all that I have learnt is an ongoing process.  The adventure of blending (graphic design theory language word/s) into my world view of nature and family inspires me. Throughout the rest of my time at uni I had the opportunity to undertake live briefs and also have my work put in exhibition and increasing my knowledge of creative software