3D Contexts

For this project I was given two words, which were on white products.  The package only had to be based on just one of 

 the words, 'Chalk' and 'White Hair'. 

For my final piece I based it on 'White Hair' and from that I derived to 'Pearl of Wisdom' (white hair + old age + experience + knowledge + wisdom ='Pearl of Wisdom').   For this, I created a novelty puzzle gift set, which contains a double sided jigsaw puzzle with a pearl of wisdom quotation engraved on both sides. 

The overall package design is based on the shape and style of a book, which represents the source of where knowledge can be gained from.

I also designed stickers for the packaging, incorporating the oyster shell image used on the front cover.

Medium used was Pearl Escent card and paper and plywood for the jigsaw puzzle