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Choosing of Paper and Idea

My first initial idea was to create something based on the family tree aspect of a selection of the same shade of colours but this idea then lead onto the next idea of a family crest and that lead me to look into the colours used for the royal crest.

These are the colours I picked, the set of colours on the far left, are colours I am thinking of using to represent the family tree of those are all connected.

The set of colours in the middle above, are some of the colours used within the royal crest. The colour on the far right above, is what I am thinking of using as a wallet.

The royal crest.

I then looked into the meaning of the colours and maybe be able to use such meanings on the design of my own crest.

Taking this idea further I decided to research the different symbols and shapes associated with Royalty, as well as the different style crest. Here are a couple of pictures of pages from my sketchbook.

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