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Creating my FMP - Food banks

For my final major project I based it on food bank donations, as it gets overlooked as food bank donation boxes/trolleys are only noticed after you have completed your shopping as they are by the tills and by that point its too late as you have packed your shopping aware or just brought what you needed. There is nothing throughout the shop to give the shopper a gentle reminder. So I wanted to create something that would drew their attention to it but not something that would guilt the customer.

A link to my first sketchbook, which shows my research process mostly

AGD 303 Subject Realisation Unit sketchb
Download • 329.85MB

And this is a link to my second sketchbook which shows the process of getting to my final designs

AGD 303 Subject Realisation Unit sketchb
Download • 50.49MB

For the main design aspect I used lino print. It took a bit of time to do but worth it in the end, I was really please with the outcome of these prints. Most came out clear and the colours were nice and bright and stood out very clear.

After experimenting with layouts, typefaces and background colours, these were the final outcome of my project.

These would make up the free standing billboard and base. This would be placed at the front of the store

On the body of the stand the tear away foodbank shopping shopping list. The back page on the list contains facts about food banks

I also created a plaque to sit of the shelves letting customers know it's a food bank item and a logo.

The only thing I was disappointed about my final outcome was that I was not able to produce decent mock-ups.

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