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Designing a business card

One of the task to the self-promote brief was to design our own business cards, which are a great way to leave your details with a potential client. Things to take into account when designing a card is to make it stand out against everyone else's cards, a design that represents your personality


For inspiration I looked online at the different style and design of business cards.

I also looked through books at different styles and patterns which I could incorporate into my own design.

First step I took when design my card with to create a logo of sorts by using my initials.

I then focus on the design of the card itself, I decided to experiment using shapes. Below are examples of the design concepts I came up with.

For this design, I used diamond for half the card which would be embossed when developed. On this design I incorporated one of the logos with my initials

Next design I created was using circles, with this design I experimented with different colours for the background.

My favourite one is the last one with the red circle and cream background.

I messed about with some other designs.....

In the end I decided to go ahead this design. It clean and shape, although I'm not completely convinced by the style of my initial.

It was only since getting my cards developed, that I realised the writing on the back is not as clear has I had hoped. Also, I'm not as keen on the design now, it is so hard to design something that represent yourself.

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