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Designing the Crest for Each Colour

I first started working on the Electric blue paper as the first symbol which came to mind was the electric bolt, which is quite a strong powerful symbol which matches that of the paper.

Below are rough sketches of lightning bolts designs I did in my sketch pad.

Also on this scanned image is a sketch for the Metallic Megma red. It is suppose to be a view of a rose as if you are looking down on it. I also included weapons into my design to give it a mediaeval feeling.

I then scanned and traced them in illustrator, which then gave me the freedom to move illustration around and create more designs.

Within my designs I have incorporated the Antalis logo of the origami man. Some of the designs work but most I feel did not. I also tried out different style of crest.

For the next crest design I worked on the Metallic Magma paper. When researching symbols for this colour/name of paper, a lot of images come up of lava.

The definition for it is: 'hot fluid or semi-fluid material below or within the earth's crust from which lava and other igneous rock is formed on cooling.'

I decided not to us the images which came up on my search as some people may not be able to connect the symbol with the colour of paper.

I did just one more additional sketch.

I did struggle with coming up with ideas in my sketch book but managed to come up with a few more designs in illustrator.

I kept with the idea of using the image of a rose, as it is an object which is most associated with the colour red. Again I have incorporated the Antalis logo

When designing the crest for the Metallic Peacock, I decide to use base the design on the peacock feather as it is such a distinctive image.

Some rough sketches of designs with include peacock feathers.

With the sketches I did, I scanned and copied them into illustrator and traced round some of the, which then gave me the flexibility of creating a few different designs which also included different style crests.

For my final choice of paper, Metallic Super Gold, I went online to looked at the type of symbols used to represent Gold and what came back was an image of a circle with a smaller solid circle.

Using these rough designs, I transferred them into illustrator.

Once I decided on which crest design to take forward, the next step was deciding on which printing process to use. I liked the idea of print screening the designs on the paper.

Before printing directly onto the metallic paper, I test printed onto a scrap of paper as I felt some of the images were too small.

In the images above shows the outcome from the screen print. The results are not great, or clear and patchy in a lot of places.

In the pictures below shows the design

I also designed a waistband to hold the postcards together. I incorporated a symbol from each of the crest design, as well as the Antalis logo.

The end product was printed via the laser printer.

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