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Going forward the Regulations and Copyright facts that are a must to know....

Updated: Jun 3, 2020


When going forward in the design industry, I need to make myself fully aware of the rules of copyright and how it works.

Our tutor put together a presentation on what is meant by 'copyright' rules. The presentation was easy to understand and keep for future referencing.

  • So basically anytime you produce something , you will automatic have copy right - as long as you can prove it in court.

  • Copyright last 70 years after your death.

  • You can use someone else's work in a educational format as it is not being used in a financial state

For more information on UK Copyright laws, go on this link for


Regulations And Legislation

Like copyright it is also important to know the regulations and legislation that surround the graphic design world, these include 'Font licensing', 'Creative Commons (CC) licences' - being able to use , make changes and change. 'Client obligations' and so on.

Whilst researching online 'Regulations and legislation for Graphic Designer', I came across an article on the Axa website, which have broken these regulations and legislations into five steps.


I also came across another site which provides a slide presentation on the topic.


Just before lockdown we started to have little refresher classes, below are notes from one of them explaining how to save your work and what to submit to clients.

These are notes have been provided by my good friend, as I was unfortunately off.

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