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Learning to model with plasticine

Over Easter this year while in lockdown, I came across a video by Jim Parkyn, a Senior Model Maker for Aardman Animation on Instagram. In the video he demonstrated how to make a Easter Bunny using plasticine, which is not a material I have used properly...well since being an adult to create a model. I normally use Fimo oven bake clay.

Plasticine is a something I have always wanted to try out but unfortunately I'm normally tied up with coursework but because of the lockdown I was struggling with motivated for my final major project.

Below are scenes from his video.

It was great fun to do and a great way to relax and get lost in the moment.

This is the Easter bunny I made. I'm very please with how it turned out, even with the wonky.

I decided to put this image of my bunny on my Instagram page and hashtag Jim Parkyn on it. Within a short time of posting it, I got a response back from Jim saying "Great Expression!".

Jim was not the only person who liked my Bunny, a family member requested for me to make them a bunny from the oven bake clay instead of the plasticine and for it to bigger.

Before and after it has been painted. Again very please with how this version had turned out.

I was very tempted to keep it for myself.

And here is an image of both completed Bunnies next to each other.

Complete fun to make. So if you need a bunny made, you know who to come to.

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