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Live Brief - Antalis Paper

second year of my course one of the units is on work placements, where we are suppose to find a placement within a company, unfortunately this did not happen for most of the class, so were given what is called a live brief - a task set by a company outside of the university.

We had a woman from a company called Antalis, called Emma (ex student) come in and explain a bit about the company and the different types of paper they sell.

We were set the task of creating postcards using at 4 to 6 of the different colours from the same type of paper. These postcard are to be used as promotional products for the company.

In the image below are the choice of papers we could pick from.

The paper I decided on was the Curious metallic, I really liked the shine it has as well as the texture of it.

To be honest they are all lovely paper.

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