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Physical Promotional Material

In class at uni, we discussed what type of physical materials we need to help us promote ourselves.

Here is the list we came up with in class....

The top five of this list that we have been given the task of getting done and a times scale...

  • Business card - 5/6 weeks to put together (including CV)

  • Online Portfolio - 4/5 weeks to put together

  • Physical Portfolio - 4/5 weeks to put together

  • Social Media - Ongoing

  • Other promotional - Ongoing (website - wixbix)

And a blog - keep going - Need to tidy up - customise if pass

Using Social Media - Talk given by Ruby at uni (social media expect)

  • Instagram - image - young target audience

  • Twitter - more business - fast moving. Downside is that it isn't very creative & restricted.

  • LinkedIn - business - connection to future employers

More you can post, the more you peoples attentions you keep.

Pick one or two, don't forget on Instagram, twitter to # your post

(so important) i.e. location, theme, topic, by doing this,

it will alert that person.

Since this talk I have created an Instagram account and started working on my CV, Wedbsite and portfolio. I already have a LinkedIn but have since started to update it.

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