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Redesigning Website

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

I was never completely happy with my original design/layout, so decided to give the site a new look, better photos of my work and cut back on the number of pages.

When I went on my site to start making these changes. A message came up about getting help to make a logo, which I thought be interesting to see what the system generate.

I first thing I had to do was entry some details, i.e.name, keywords and then pick the style of designs anything from Modern, Fun, retro and so on.

Here are some of the designs it generated....apologies my print screen did not work and i had to rely on taking pictures with my phone, which did not always come out that great.

I did like some of them but was not completely bowled over by them but decided to take inspiration from some of the designs their came back with.

I liked the idea of incorporating a logo/shape and I quite like the circle, I have in the past when I initially started to come up with designs of a previous business card a year or so ago, used circles.

I decided to combine three circles, which represent my family (myself and my two children), as they are the drive force behind my achievement on my course. And this design I feel made a good logo.

Once I decided on the style of the logo, I then started to experiment with different coloured back ground. Also on my website I wanted to include and promote my model making skills.

The above designs did feel work for me, I then just tried the logo against a white background and I liked the softness of the pink against the white and the split effect for the text. I then tried out the circle logo and in different placing.

I went for this design as it felt fresh, modern and not too busy/over the top. I picked a typeface which was bold text but was clear and legible

With the design of the home page completed I decided to look at the contains on each page. I added an additional page to show off my clay model work.

When looking at the number of pages my website had, I felt there were probably too many attached to the graphic design page and decided to cut it back to just one page and only display only what I felt was/is my best work.

The next lot of amendments I made was to add mock-up pictures of my final pieces, giving them a more professional look.

For my business card design I used the same design from the home page of the my website.

I have not been able to get these printed because of the lockdown , as far as I am aware printers are not classed as an essential businesses.

But it is something I will get done as more and more companys are opening up.

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