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Research Symbols & Mock-up

Before designing a crest, I did a bit more research online regarding symbols based on one of the words, 'loyalty', from one of the colour meanings for blue - one of the colours I had pick.

In the brochure for Metallic, one of the words in it is 'natural', so I decided to google the symbol for that word and it got the image of a 'unicorn' and 'leaves'.

So incorporating the logo of Antalis, unicorn for natural and also adding fleur de lis to look a bit more traditional, although it stands for:

fleur-de-lis - /ˌfləːdəˈliː/ noun noun: fleur-de-lis; plural noun: fleurs-de-lis; noun: fleur-de-lys; plural

noun: fleurs-de-lys 1. Art•Heraldry a stylized lily composed of three petals bound together near their bases. It is

especially known from the former royal arms of France, in which it appears in gold

on a blue field.

On one of the designs I decided to incorporate a star within the pattern but before I started, I decided to experiment with the star shape a bit.

In the picture blow shows the different crest designs I came up with.

Taking the crest design from the bottom left, I decided to take it to the next level and create layers with each of the images. Below picture shows the rough end results.

Wasn't overly disappointed with end result - although colouring it in with colouring pencils didn't do it any favours but it came out how I expected/saw it in my head.

Although my confidence in this design was completely knocked when one of my tutors saw it and completely tread all over the design......back to the drawing board and relooking at the heraldry symbols AGAIN.

After working on the above design, I then put together a quick mock-up of the idea of 'Feel the quality'

Each layer would be separate postcards which would be removable and the length of the pocket sleeve. And on that sleeve would be the cut out of a hand so the paper is seen and sells itself.

If I have time to take this idea further, I was thinking of using foil for the writing on the sleeve but I also looked at the different typefaces which would suit that style.

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