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What came from the Industry week

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

At the beginning of my third year, the university held a 'Industry Week in November 2019.

These posters were put up around the college, as well as put in emails.

One of the speaker I went and listen to was Jennifer Kidd, a model maker, Animator and Director. She has worked on a number of animated films, such as 'Isle of Dog.

I found her talk very interesting but also very helpful to anyone who is starting out and not just in Animation.

I took some notes from her talk..

After her talk, I was able to have a bit of a chat with her and we have since connected on 'LinkedIn' and on Instagram.

On Instagram Jennifer advertised a number of Animation and Model Making Workshops.

To help further a possible career in model making, I thought it would be helpful/useful to book myself on one of these workshops.

And so I am book on the 'Stop Motion Animation Puppet Building workshop for 20th and 21st June 2020.

Because of the Coronavirus, all workshops will be done online.

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