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FMP - Food Bank

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My final major project was based on food bank donations and thinking of ways to increase donations, as it use to (before the Coronavirus was often overlooked as food bank donation boxes/trolleys are by the tills and these tend to get thought about as the customer is going by it and by that point its too late as your shopping is packed away or you just brought what you needed.

There is nothing throughout the shop to give the shopper a gentle reminder and that is something I wanted to address, by creating a free standing billboard, with a food bank shopping list attached that can be torn/peel away.  As well as creating hanging billboards, a plaque to sit on the shelves to notify customers of it being a food bank item and then a 'thank you' billboard. 

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D&AD Brief - YULA Energy Drink

For this brief it was a joint project between myself and Meg Dennis.(

The aim of the project was to create something which was 'copylead'.  For our design we wanted to create something slightly different and the next step in poster design by making it animated.  By placing the animation behind the text, it brings focus to the caption.

Whilst researching the company we notice they did not have a Twitter page.  For our final outcome we decided to create an animated poster which include sound, as well as a mock-up Twitter page as well.

Twitter MockUp.jpg

Penguin Book Cover

book cover mock up3.jpg

This is my entry for the Penguin Student Design Award 2020.

I decided to make my book cover design for 'Goodnight Mister Tom' a little different and fun by creating the illustrations from Fimo clay.

The front cover features the main characters, Mr Tom, William and also Sam the dog.

Also on the front cover, I added a tree which consist of two different types of leaves from an oak and a Beech tree, the leaves represent the two main characters Mr Tom Oakley, and William Beech.

On the back cover, behind the bar code is an air raid shelter which also features in the book.

This image shows the book cover in full.

Penguin Book Cover design.jpg


Mag Mock-Up V3.png

For my second year final major project on my degree course, I decided to create a prototype magazine aimed at 10-15 year old, giving help and advice on certain issues such as anxiety, bullying.

I designed five examples of front covers.   To create the illustration on the front I used the image of the title of the magazine, an umbrella to represent the subject of the magazine issue.


I also created four double page spreads to go along with some of the front covers, based on those certain issues.

Cover Design_Internet
Cover Design_Bullying.jpg
Cover Design_Body Changes_FC.jpg
Cover Design_Anxiety_FC.jpg
Anxiety content.jpg
Lonely Contents_V2.jpg
Internet safety content.jpg
Bullying content.jpg

Natural History Museum - Life Cycle

The brief was to create a hundred posters for the Natural History Museum, showing a Life Cycle of our choice.  The posters I created were based on the four stages of the rain cycle.

There was only one restriction put in place by the client and that was we ere not able to use a computer to produce the posters.  To get round this restriction I made myself a stencil to create a some of the poster designs, as well as the rain.

Medium used was acrylic paink, ink and of course the rain.

NHM mock_up FINAL 1.jpg
NHM mock_up FINAL 2.jpg
Outter cover.jpg

The four posters I produced represent  four stages of the rains life cycle:- Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation and Collection.

Anti-littering Campaign

Bin poster Final.jpg

For the design solution brief I decided to base my final outcome on 'Anti-littering' campaign.

I created a billboard poster and stickers which go onto bins. This campaign is aimed at the younger generation.


The stickers for the bins were designed in the shape of speech bubbles to give the impression the bin is talking to the general public.  The speech bubbles contain some fun and cheeky innuendos captions.

Examples of the stickers I created.


I used green for the text in the billboard poster and the speech bubbles to represent the environment and being green.

Speechbubbles_anti project.jpg